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About us
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Michiel Jansplein 28 B2
3920 Lommel
Belgium ( route )
BE27 3632 1805 9373
I am Ine, mother of 2 children named Amélie and Loïc.
Ever since I was little, I have had a passion for children, especially the youngest.

So after a career of 17 years with the little ones between 0 and 3 years, I have now really chosen with heart and soul to convey or share my real passion with other people.

After working in the nursery all the time, I have gained a lot of experience and it is very nice to be able to pass those tips and tricks on to other moms.

I also like to listen to people's stories about anything and everything. So it's always nice to have a chat if you need it.

I have also been a savior in the pool, so I can now combine my passion for water and babies!

Warmth and cosiness are very important to me, so if you like that too then you are in the right place.

But enough about me ... Now I want to get to know you and your baby!
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